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A kids party with Care Bears, Rainbows & Flowers

Kids Party of Care Bears, rainbows, balloons and flowers

To celebrate a special little girl’s birthday we were asked to design something inspired by some of her favourite things – Care Bears, rainbows, balloons and flowers.  The restrictions may have meant birthday parties can’t happen in their typical way but our Early Hours team are honoured to be helping create some celebratory joy with our installations and floral designs for private clients.  For this birthday girl, we created a giant rainbow installation over two ‘clouds’ of Summer daisies with cuddly Care Bears scattered amongst the blooms and balloons.  Cheer, Good Luck, Tenderheart can you spot them all?  As you know we rarely work just with flowers as our concepts often call for other elements to achieve the desired immersive effect.  Having toys to play with here was a lot of fun and being easy to remove and pop in party bags hopefully means they’ve gone on to be cherished by children at home.

Photos by Nataly J Photography 

Early Hours London - Care Bear Floral Rainbow birthday Installation